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Zac - Humans of Camp America


I was an outdoors counsellor at a rather rustic camp and went on three trips hiking in the mountains and canoeing the Delaware river; no matter where I have to sleep in the UK I’ve managed to sleep in more, let’s say, basic conditions. I never have a problem when I have to crash on a couch or a floor when visiting friends.’

The most amazing thing I saw was when I was on the Appellation trail and we camped the night at an abandoned fire tower. From the top of the tower (on top of the mountains) you could see for what seemed like hundreds of miles. That night there were three separate storms in three different areas going on in the distance lighting up the entire sky with flashes of the brightest blue from one storm which were answered with flashes of deep orange from another storm. It was spectacular to behold, I sat there for about 2 hours watching while everyone else slept I found it so peaceful as odd as that sounds!  

I traveled in a mixture of groups meeting loads of counselors from Vacamas all over NY, Philadelphia, DC, Jersey, Florida and meeting friends in Mexico for a uni friends birthday! It was amazing to catch up with everyone outside of camp and see the States, especially when your American Camp friends could show you the best spots! 

Since I left camp I’ve set up a business based around the idea of taking the hassle out of travel packing. I’m a last minute guy and was so excited to leave that I left everything till the last minute; costing me both financially and emotionally. I came up with my idea whilst hiking the Appalachian Trail; since then I’ve managed to turn the idea into a business: Bagsee. I’m hoping to let travellers focus more on the experience of travelling, rather than the packing.

Zac - Camp Vacamas