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You know you've worked on a summer camp when...


  1. You develop the craziest (and weirdest) tan lines 
  2. You master the art of quick showers
  3. You can rock a pair of crocs
  4. You learn to function of little sleep
  5. You can entertain anyone, anytime and anywhere
  6. You forget what air conditioning feels like
  7. Your arm is full of friendship bracelets 
  8. You can survive without your phone
  9. American slang fits naturally into your vocabulary now
  10. Suncream and bugspray are part of your natural scent
  11. You don't take yourself (or life) too seriously
  12. You have the most questionable fashion items in your wardrobe
  13. It's acceptable to break out into a song and dance at any time
  14. You find yourself taking a water bottle everywhere
  15. You learn to live in the moment!
  16. Your musical knowledge is full of 'this is a repeat song' 
  17. You can tie-dye anything
  18. You can't go a day without talking about camp
  19. Being at home makes you 'campsick'
  20. You keep going back for one last summer