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Why you should make the most of your 30 days travel


Continue the journey

Trust us when we say the tears are real on the final day at camp, so follow our advice and make the journey last as long as you possibly can…and by that, we mean use the full 30 days!!
You can spend the last 30 days as you wish. Some choose to travel independently which is the perfect way of enjoying some ‘me time’ after a busy summer, and discovering more about yourself, in places you’ve always dreamed of visiting. Whilst for others, saying goodbye to camp friends is just not an option at the end of camp, and so the option is there to continue making memories with like minded people, form stronger connections and end the summer on a high! However you choose to travel, make the journey count!

Explore new places 

It’s really important to get out and see as much of America as you can! Each state is practically like a country in itself so whether you choose to stay in one, or venture to other states, you’ll never be short of things to see or do! Let’s put it into perspective…you may spend a big chunk of your summer at a camp in upstate New York, in that same state is the bright lights of the big city, the nature of Niagara Falls, beaches of Long Island and the mountain ranges of Adirondack, Catskills and Appalachian! Then, you’ve got neighbouring states of Massachusetts playing home to historic Boston, the coastline areas of Maine, and the US capital of D.C. You really won’t have to travel far to experience a world in itself around your camp, but if you do want to travel further, prepare to widen your horizons even more!!

Try new foods 

There’s a lot more to the US than just burgers, fries and hot dogs…we know, it’s hard to imagine! After a summer of camp food, expand your taste buds and try all things local to the areas you are travelling! Some of our best recommendations; take a road trip down The Keys to get a slice of Key Lime Pie, head to the West Coast for the iconic In-N-Out, South for cookout, Ohio for a buckeye - the list goes on, ask your new American friends for their recommendations for the local area! 

Meet new people

As you’ll discover during your time at camp, Americans are some of the most hospitable people you’ll ever meet, so whether you choose to travel with camp friends or independently, you’re sure to meet new people along the way. Travelling allows you to meet all kinds of people, from all walks of life and who knows what kind of friendships could form or what stories you’ll have to tell. You’ll certainly ‘have a nice day’ when you come across the enthusiastic Americans on your travels!

Strong social game

Let’s be honest, a summer stateside with better weather, unbeatable views and endless activities, is going to make your social game STRONG! Your family and friends back home will get serious FOMO but your social will never look better, plus when the likes stop rolling in, you’ll have it all to look back on in years to come and realise what an incredible adventure you had!

Where will Summer 2021 take you?!