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Why Working at a Summer Camp, is the Best Summer Internship.


Young people all over the world are starting to plan out their summer and for most students, they will be looking to sort out a summer internship, to set them above the rest. It might not come straight to mind when thinking about summer internships, but a summer working at a camp in America, could be the best way for any ambitious young adult to spend their time!

Spending a summer in America meeting new people (who will become your best friends in an incredibly short amount of time) exploring another culture, living in the sunshine and traveling after work; might just sound like three months of good fun, but it will also give you some incredible life skills. Being a camp counsellor improves 21st Century skills, which employers actively look for in the work place, and makes you a highly desired candidate for any role.

So why exactly is a summer at camp so good for your CV?


Just the fact that you got on a plane and did something different with your summer, shows that you are a confident young person who can take risks. Instead of staying in your hometown and working in a local bar, or getting coffee in an office internship; you have actively gone out of your way to organise an incredible opportunity across the world. You will live for 3 months in a different country and be completely thrown out of your comfort zone. You will navigate the entire camp experience on your own; from leaving the country, to taking your first activity, to getting up and doing something silly in front of hundreds of people, even the most timid counsellors come out confident!


Being a counsellor shows that you can be responsible, not only for yourself, but also for children. You will be a role model for the summer, looking after kids from 5-15 years old and making sure that they are safe and having fun. Parents will trust their kids with you and you will not only have to make sure that they are looked after and at the very least in one piece when you give them back, but you will have to get them to activities on time, make sure they have a shower – which sounds easier than it is, and all of these will improve your responsibility throughout the summer.


Counsellors become incredibly resilient people, from working long hours, several days straight, to getting up for work early in the morning after spending the night looking after a homesick child. They turn up for work each day with a smile on their face, singing songs all day long and have fun with the kids, no matter how tired they are!

Leadership and Teamwork.

Counsellors will be in charge of leading groups of children at camp, whether it is in activities or just generally. They will also have to work within a team of counsellors, in large groups and smaller groups. They will be with these people 24 hours a day for 9 weeks and there is nowhere to hide! So making friends and working as a team, is unavoidable!

Creativity and Problem Solving.

Counsellors often have to think on their feet. They could be teaching an activity and it starts raining, or they are playing a game that the kids aren’t engaging with; and suddenly have to come up with something else to keep the kids entertained.

If you are thinking about working at a summer camp instead of a summer internship, not only will you learn great skills for your CV, you will also make friends from all over the world, have a chance to explore a beautiful country and work in an inspirational environment all summer; a sunny spot by the lake, definitely beats an office in England! Plus it will give you something to talk about in interviews, which will showcase all your amazing new skills. Plus you also get pocket money while you are out there!