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What Not To Pack!


5 things you don't need to bring with you to the USA this summer!

  1. Hair Dryer
    Leave the hair dryer at home. Not only will it save you tons of space in your luggage, but you'll barely use it! You'll be too busy having fun to worry about our hair. Plus it's sunny in America so it'll dry naturally!
  2. Laptop
    Unless you're going to be making videos at camp, you do note need to bring expensive electronics! Smart phones can do everything laptops can nowadays anyway and you don't want to be worried all day about keeping it safe once you get to camp!
  3. Hair Straighteners
    Similar to a hairdryer, they take up a lot of unnecessary space and Americans use a lower voltage than us at camp, so they never seem to get as hot! Just make friends with an American that has some and you'll be set for your days off!
  4. Too Many Clothes
    The minute you step onto your new home for the summer, you'll soon realise how unnecessary it was for you to pack 50 t-shirts and 40 pairs of shorts. You'll find you can get by with 10 days worth of clothes; some get by with even less! Remember you'll have access to laundry facilities on camp!
  5. Fragile or Valuable Items
    To put it simply: If it's something you can go to camp without, and woul dbe upset if it got lost/dirty either at camp or on your travels, it's best to leave it at home!

TIP: Bring extra memory cards for all the photos you want to take - that way you can store them somewhere safe in your luggage and leave the laptop and the uploading util you get home!