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"What am I putting in my suitcase?" by Freya Sedgwick


I also got lots of shorts and white tshirts for Shabbat. What you buy totally depends on the rules and regulations of your camp but many camps, like mine, have a closed toe policy on shoes. This means I’ll be spending most of my time on camp in trainers, so I’ll be taking a few pairs of these. 

I still need to buy some swimsuits (GIRLS FULL COSTUMES, leave the bikinis until you travel after camp as they’re not allowed) and boys long shorts. 

Girls if you have hair anything like mine you’ll understand the need for straighteners! As much as I won’t necessarily need these whilst on camp they’ll definitely come in handy for travelling afterwards. If you can resist the temptation leave your hair dryer at home. The heat will dry your hair in no time and leaves you extra luggage room for even more clothes!! I read on other camp blogs that you literally can’t take enough underwear and socks as they can often dissapear into thin air, so the more you have the better! 

I plan on travelling after camp so I’ll be doing a rough 50/50 split in my suitcase with camp clothes and then other clothes to wear afterwards with the intention of going out for some meals and experiencing different areas of America (oh and one rule for packing, roll your clothes rather than folding gives you so much more space!). 

Personally I’ll be taking enough toiletries to last me whilst I’m on camp just so I don’t have to worry about running out but most camps do a big Walmart trip within the first few days so you can get anything you need, plus anything you might have forgotten! 

Most of my case will be full of Disney clothing and unicorn clothing because I’m pretty much obsessed but I’ll also be bringing a few things from home to show campers, like photos! 

I hope this helped you all! I’ll be posting a packing list later today to help you all out and I hope you all have an amazing summer! 

Bye for now!