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Top Fifteen Holiday Gifts for a Camp Counsellors.


So you've been talking about camp non-stop since you applied and you want to get some of your camp packing list ticked off, or your mate/daughter/brother/sister can't stop talking about it and you have no idea what to get them for Christmas? We are here to save you from rubbish Christmas presents, like socks. Actually socks would be a pretty good present for a camp counselor - you never come back with as many you went with! So here is our top 15 Christmas Presents for the Camp Counselor in your life.

1.Friendship Bracelet Making Kit. 

Friendship bracelets are all the rage at camp, get your future camp counsellor a kit to start practising before camp. Instant friends when they get there with those bad boys!


2.Novelty Watch

Your counselor friend will definitely need a watch at camp. Help them never never miss lunch or bed time. Get them a novelty kids watch or this funky Flava Neff one, so they're the coolest kid at camp! If you really like them, get a waterproof one so it lasts the whole summer.




3.Water Bottle.

It is very important to keep hydrated under that hot glorius American sun. Make sure your friend doesn't lose their water bottle with one of these funky Smiggle water bottles.




Counselors may have to do overnight camping trips with the kids. Wanna help them sleep a little bit easier? Ask for a hammock this Christmas. Ballin. Perfect cheap bed, when you're travelling afterwards too.



5.Personalised Travel Journal.

Counselors are going to want to document their travels. There are so many cool travel journals around, why not get one that’s personalised by country and name?



Not a fan of words? Polaroids were all over camp last summer. Why not get a polaroid camera for your camp counsellor? Then they can document their summer through pictures! 


Imagination Cards

Is your gift recipient lacking a bit of imagination and you want them to have the best time on their travels after camp? Why not get them some of these ‘anywhere’ cards’. Guaranteed they will be off exploring and out of their comfort zone in no time!


Travel Scratch Map

Going on an epic trip after camp? Get one of these USA scratch world maps, so they can scratch off where they’ve been and keep it for when they get home, reminiscing about the summer.



9. A book.

They won’t have much time at camp for reading, but long periods in airports, or long drives; they will have some time to kill. Check out one of our faves ‘What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding’. Or get them the ‘Secret Diary of a Camp Counselor’ to give them an inside scoop on camp. 


10.Portable Charger

Us counselors, we lose stuff. One of those things is chargers. We also pack them in our suitcase and forget to take them on the plane in our hand luggage. Never run out of battery on your phone again while travelling or at camp. Get a portable charger.



11. Go Pro

If you really like the counsellor you are gifting, a GoPro is an amazing present! But be warned you will be made to watch hours of footage when they return home. ‘This one time at camp….’

From £349


12. Tie-Dye Kit

Get ahead of the game for camp with a tie-dye kit. Tie-dye all your clothes before you get out there. Trust us everyone at camp wears tie-dye.



13. Camp counsellor Survival Kit

Want to just get them a hamper full of everything they might need? Why not get your camp counsellor one of these survival kits? Add in some UK chocolate and some tea bags though, they are going to love you for it later.



14. Beaver Falls DVD

We don’t know if anyone has ever seen this show, but we definitely loved watching it before going to camp!


15. Torch

One of the staples of camp. The trusty torch. Saving counselors from walking into the wrong cabin or straight into the lake…they are definitely going to want a torch, whether you go headlamp or standard torch.



Happy Shopping!

Pops CA x