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Top 5 'Luxury items' to take to camp!


For all those #ImACeleb fans, last night we watched the camp mates win or loose their ‘luxury items’. When you’re away from home and all it’s comforts, the list of items you can’t get grows uncontrollable and you want it all more than ever before. We always like to prepare our participants to pack the ESSENTIALS so we asked our staff “if you could just take one item from home, to camp - what would it be and why?”, here’s the top 5 answers;

  1. Teabags
    If you haven’t already tried an American ‘cup of tea’, don’t. For the ultimate taste of home, don’t forget to pack some of your favourite teabags. Not only that, bringing such a staple British item to camp, will automatically grant you the most popular person on camp - get ready to make more cups of tea than your local Starbucks.

  2. Extension cord 
    This may sound stupid, but we promise it's worthwile. If you take a British extension cord, you just need one adapter to plug it in, then you have multiple sockets on the cord to carry on using your british changing! 

  3. Chocolate
    Just like the tea...America just don't know how to succeed in this field (sorry guys!). If you take some classic Cadbury chocolate, you'll be guranteed to have your sweet fix sorted and again win the award for 'most popular counsellor'. Oh, and replace Hersheys for Cadbury in a S'more and it'll be the greatest decision you make all summer. You're welcome. 

  4. A country specific item 
    Flag, postcards, currency, you name it - it'll go down a treat on camp! You can decorate your bunk area, share your culture with your friends, or reward the kids with things like pennies - they think it's the best thing in the world! 

  5. Photos
    The ultimate item for the sentimental kind. Again, perfect decoration for your bunk, great to allow others to get to know you or if you're like Adele Roberts, pack a photo of your favourite celeb - it'll sure get the conversations going. 

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