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The Croc is Summer Camp 2021's It-shoe'


But do you know who has been setting the croc trend for years? Camp Counsellors. Whether you love them or hate them, crocs have always been a big part of camp life.

With celebs like Arianna Grande and Rihanna rocking crocs, summer 2021 is set to be camp’s biggest croc wearing phenomenon. As vogue said ‘New York Times declared the functional shoe had “won 2020” last month’. So we expect all counsellors will be ‘crocking’ out for summer 2021.

The functional shoe is perfect for the multipurpose terrain on camp, seamlessly going from land to lake, and a must have for the camp shower scene. Not to mention that they go with absolutely every outfit. Whether you need a strong look for your lake instagram pose, a casual staff hangout in the break room, or a party outfit for Hawaiian night; it doesn’t get more versatile than a croc. It also ensures that when you are ultimately thrown in the lake at some point, that your footwear is still in pristine condition. 

Lyst stated that demand for Crocs is sky high, with searches up 89 per cent week on week. So if you want to be the most fashionable person on camp this summer, make sure you have yours.

They are the perfect shoe to finish off any camp look. We suggest teaming with a Hawaiian shirt, (channel your inner Bieber) tie-dye socks, and throw in a bucket hat for good measure - you couldn’t look any more stylish if you tried. The campers will be fighting over being you in the camp show and counsellors will be begging for your instagram; to follow your trend setting style. If you’re wearing your crocs for that special night off camp, make sure you accessorise with a colour coordinated friendship bracelet, or ten, to really finish the look.

If we haven’t convinced you that the shoe featured in Balenciaga’s 2018 show is a sure hit, we haven’t even mentioned the customisable feature yet. Yes, you can even customise your croc; to truly let your uniqueness shine through.

Jibbitz charms will ensure that you truly stand out from the crowd, because you don’t want the same crocs as everyone else. Showcase your favourite food, favourite sport, favourite show…the options are endless. You won’t even need to explain who you are, just fill your crocs with your favourite things, and everyone will know what you’re about from first glance…aside from being a fashionista.

Being a staple fashion feature of camp counsellors for years past, we are celebrating the croc on camp with our instagram croc feature. Check out some of our favourite croc looks on camp here.