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The Camp America experience, in 50 GIFS


  1. Hearing about Camp America for the first time
  2. Waiting for applications to open
  3. Starting your application
  4. Thinking of 3 skills you have
  5. Following the advice of 'don't be modest'
  6. Submitting your application
  7. Going to your interview
  8. Leaving interview
  9. Finding out you passed your interview
  10. Waiting for your application to be fully processed 
  11. Application is officially ready and visible to camp directors
  12. Waiting for a camp to contact you
  13. Getting an email notification 
  14. A camp wants an interview with you
  15. The interview
  16. Checking your Camp America profile daily for news on your interview
  17. Congratulations, your placed!
  18. Telling everyone you know, that you're going to camp
  19. Your mum realising you're going away for 3 months 
  20. Countdown to camp
  21. Shopping for everything you need
  22. Trying to fit your life into your suitcase (or backpack)
  23. Leaving party with family and friends
  24. Getting to the airport and saying goodbye to family
  25. Realising the airport is full of other Camp America applicants 
  26. Sitting on the plane
  27. Arriving in the USA
  28. Seeing camp for the first time
  29. First trip to Walmart and Target
  30. Orientation begins
  31. Feeling like you've known everyone a lifetime
  32. Realising the kids arrive tomorrow 
  33. Arrival day
  34. First night at camp
  35. First few weeks at camp
  36. Enjoying your first s'more
  37. Trying your first corn dog
  38. Doing all the 'American' things
  39. Being patriotic for America on the 4th July
  40. When a kid makes you a friendship bracelet
  41. Or asks you "will you be my counsellor next year" 
  42. Realising camp is the best place ever
  43. (Even through the exhaustion)
  44. and that you never want to leave
  45. But realising you have to
  46. Last day arrives
  47. But then you get to do some epic travelling with your new friends
  48. Then you have to go home
  49. And the camp blues hit hard
  50. So you start the whole process again for another summer.

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