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Tash - Humans of Camp America


Camp America gave me more skills than I could’ve imagined. I thought I’d only be learning how to make the perfect friendship bracelet, tie dye a t-shirt, ace capture the flag and build a fire (all of which I did!) but it also gave me so many valuable life skills. I learnt that being silly is the best way to be, getting up on the top of your table singing your heart out is the best feeling, and that being at camp makes you step outside your comfort zone and show how confident you can really be.

Camp taught me to be selfless – whether it was seeing someone smile when I left them a note or take on someone’s activity so they could take a nap. It showed me how important role models are, from my camp directors to my fellow counsellors. The feeling you get when a camper says ‘I want to be just like you when I grow up’ is priceless.

When going for job interviews, talking about Camp America is great because they can instantly see how much I love it and therefore have a passion for something that encouraged me to work hard and achieve more than I thought possible. It shows great people skills and that you’re prepared to go the extra mile.

As someone who didn’t go to University I sometimes felt I missed out, however going to camp gave me an equally amazing experience – I met amazing people, I experienced a new culture and I also lived away from home and gained independence. All of this made me a better person, especially having to not only care for myself but for my campers.

Camp helped me gain previous jobs a substantial amount – from using a great reference from my camp director to having new fantastic life skills. I now work on a holiday camp where my camp experience helped me to gain this job. Alongside that, I have also worked in the painting and decorating industry which enabled me to bring my role as an arts and crafts counsellor back to the UK.

Tash - YMCA Camp Soles (2015-2016)