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Steve - Humans of Camp America


By the end of the week my deposit was down. It was a spur of the moment thing but I knew that if I didn’t apply straight away, I could have change my mind.

I went to a Jewish camp. I didn’t know what to expect, and with me not being Jewish, I thought it could be a bit strange. I went in open minded,... but realised I had nothing to be afraid of. Nothing was forced on to any of the international staff that weren’t Jewish. I even enjoyed a lot of the services. I now celebrate certain Jewish holidays with my wife-to-be.

Camp has definitely shaped my future. I met my girlfriend at camp, and this summer, we got engaged, right there at camp! At camp you see people at their best and worst, and a week at camp feels like a month in reality. The bonds you create at camp are powerful and like no other. My future is now going down a path I had never imagined without taking the plunge and applying for Camp America back in 2009!

In almost every job interview, my job at camp is brought up. I find myself telling them everything about it, for them, it’s interesting! Camp also provides you with such a range of skills that look great on a CV! Yes, you could get a job at home, and make some money to pay off your loans, or, you have the summer of your life working at a camp, meeting new people, and you even get to travel afterwards! Just do it! Register online, and do it! I have met internationals from all over the world over the last seven years working at camp, and no-one regrets it.

In my first summer, I booked myself onto a Trek called Southern Sun. It started in NY, and for three weeks we were on the road, until we ended up in Los Angeles. Everything was organised. You just get in the bus, and see the sights. The tour guides are fantastic, and it’s like a giant camping trip. I was a little nervous at first as I wouldn’t know anyone on the tour, but everyone else was on their own too, and they had all done camp too! Which was a great way to break the ice on day one.

Steve - Surprise Lake Camp (2009-2011, 2013-2016)