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Shaping Futures: How Camp Changed My Life


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In 2014, while studying film at university, Ranald Lloyed-Williams’ life changed forever when he decided to contact Camp America about spending his summer stateside working for a summer camp. Ranald found his home at Canyon Creek Summer Camp, a coed camp located in California. As a counsellor, Ranald spent his days with his cabin running activities and being the driving force behind a positive camp experience for his campers. After spending just a few weeks at Canyon Creek, it became clear that camp is about more than just the activities, it is about the positive culture and community that camp creates. Camp allows its attendees/staff the opportunity to acknowledge the power they have as individuals to contribute positively to not only their camp community but also the world outside of the gates.  

This idea of creating and spreading a positive culture and community resonated with Ranald and opened up a door for him to contribute his own talents and experiences to the camp community. Though initially a side gig for him, after his first summer at camp (2014), film quickly moved to the forefront for Ranald as he realised the many ways he could use it to contribute to his community. Ranald realised he could easily combine two things    he loved, film and camp. In the immediate years following his first summer, Ranald went back to Canyon Creek with a camera in hand, making it his mission to give people a taste of the culture, community, love and joy that he saw first hand.

Ranald’s hybrid position as videographer and counsellor acted as a stepping stone to the creation of his business. Though Ranald had been working in the film business since 2011 (at the beginning of the social media craze), it was the confidence that Ranald gained from both working and filming at camp inspired him to follow his passion full time, leading to the creation of Feel Good Films. As a full service video production company with its origins in the camp world, Feel Good Films prides itself working with organisations that are purpose driven.


While Feel Good Films has adapted and grown, its purpose of supporting camps has remained the same. The team is made up of people with background and experience in the camp world, which is what really sets Feel Good Films apart from other film companies. The team understands camp because they are camp, they come from camp and they respect all that camp has to offer. The team at FGF is there for camps– to inspire their communities, help them tell their stories, and create marketing content for camps to use all year round. 

Creating content that allows for purpose driven organisations to be heard is what Feel Good Films is all about. Since its creation in 2014, Feel Good Films’ team has grown tremendously in size and has had boots on the ground in the states as a full service production company, helping camps spread their individual messages and reach new audiences through film– and it all started with Camp America.

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