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Seremma - Humans of Camp America


She never failed to make me smile. When she got dressed in the morning, she'd always say that she wanted to match what we were wearing and tell us all how beautiful we looked! EM was so kind, helpful and I honestly missed her when camp ended. The moment that stuck with me was when EM was picked up from Camp by her Mother and after telling her about all the fun things she'd done at camp her Mother cried and then came and hugged every single one of us. "EM has never been this sad to leave Camp, she has had a wonderful time,  thank you so much for loving my daughter. " I think we all cried when she left! 

And it's not just the campers! My camp friends are the best, you get to know each other so quickly and deeply that its a friendship like no other. I've met up with friends from camp four times already this year! When we get together we have a ball and its so nice to have someone who won't roll their eyes at your camp stories! You've shared one of the best experiences and that never goes away. I now have friends from all over the world and I couldn't be more grateful for them! 

Seremma - Camp Horizons (2015-2016)