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Sara - Humans of Camp America


On my first day arriving at Camp Louemma I was told the next two months of my life would include "A summer of fun and a lifetime of memories", but little did I know that it would come true and that it would shape the person I am today.

Camp has not only taught me how to get up and embarrass myself by dancing in front of two hundred kids and staff or get up on a wooden chair during a mealtime and "shake my booty".. But it taught me how to deal with energetic kids at 6am, and has shown me that I can do anything if I put my mind to it without having to take myself too seriously.

Camp educated me about embracing others' religions, even though they are different from my own, and informed me that people can love you as you are, not just by how you look or where you come from.
I went away from camp having learned that although I had only known the counselors and staff for two months, they had had more of an impact in my life than some of the friends I've had for years and years.

A motto at most camps is "living 10 for 2", meaning you wait ten months of the year for two months of camp - and it's 100% true.
I couldn't imagine not coming back to the place where I found my second family, which is exactly why I'm going back this year for my second summer, and hopefully for many more years to come

Not a day goes by when I don't think about the memories I made at camp or the people I was privileged enough to meet through the Camp America programme.

Camp changed my life.

Sara - Camp Louemma (2015+)