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Recruitment Fairs FAQ!


The UK’s BIGGEST Summer Camp Recruitment Fairs are only THREE WEEKS AWAY! We place over 2000 people at our fairs every year, and this year YOU could be one of them!

To ensure you’re fully prepared for the day, we’ve put together a Recruitment Fair FAQ for all of you! This should answer any questions you have and give you the best possible chance of being placed ON THE SPOT.

So have a read, take notes and get excited to get your summer sorted in a single day. 

1. Why should I come to a fair?

Fantastic question. Camp America has an online database where we place around 75% of our applicants, however we also have Recruitment Fairs where we fly over 250+ camp directors to hire you ON THE SPOT. Getting hired on the spot is amazing because not only do you secure your summer in a single day, you also are able to head over to any camps that stand out to you. A fair lets you choose your preference (start date/role on camp/camp type) and also show off your personality! 

2. How does a fair work?

Have you ever been to a careers fair? Our fairs are a little like that. Imagine lots of huge rooms with stalls all around showing off their camps! Every camp will have a sign next to their stall letting everyone know what date their camp starts and what roles they’re looking to hire. When you’re outside in the queue, we’ll give you some handouts detailing which camps are where so you know exactly where you’re going once you head in!

In our queues outside, we'll seperate you by those who have/haven't been interviewed. You'll then head into a quick orientation to ensure you're prepared before you head into the fair! 

We have hundreds of staff helping at the fair, so if you are ever unsure of anything, all you need to do is find someone in a CA t-shirt and we’ll help you out.

3. Can me and my friend/partner get placed together?

Camp America don’t accept joint applications. As we’re a cultural exchange programme, we believe it’s something that should be experienced by yourself and the camps also prefer this! If you and your friend/partner are extremely passionate about going to camp together, the only option would be to head over to the same camp at different times, as you wouldn’t be able to be interviewed together. We cannot guarantee that the camp would hire both of you, however. 

4. If I get placed, do I have to accept the placement on the spot?

Yes, you do! Before you leave the fair, you’ll need to go into our processing room so we can secure your placement for you. Therefore, please only accept a placement if you’re 100% sure! If you aren’t sure, we recommend asking the camp if you can have a little time to think about it, and come find a member of the CA team so we can offer you some assistance.

5. Do I need an interview if I’m planning on going to a fair?

To attend the fair, you don’t need to have had a Camp America interview and you can get placed on the spot without having one! We do recommend you have one if you can as it’ll allow you to get into the fair a little quicker and camps like to see you’re passionate about moving forward with the programme! There's still 3 weeks to be interviewed - what are you waiting for?! 

6. Should I research the camps beforehand?

100%! We really, really recommend doing your research! All of the camps attending our fairs are listed on our website here and you can search via camp name, camp type, age and start date. Why don’t you make a list of your top 10 and head onto their website too? Camps love seeing you already know a little about the camp, and it’ll really help your placement chances! It’ll also help you navigate the fair a little easier on the day.

7. What should I wear?

Smart/Casual is more than enough! Don’t worry about dressing up for the fair – just wear something you’re comfortable in. We recommend wrapping up warm as you’ll be queueing outside beforehand and we can never predict the weather!

8. Will it affect my placement chances if I don’t attend?

Whilst you can still get placed online, if you CAN make the date, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t come. It's an incredible chance for you to get your summer sorted in a single day and will definitely increase your placement chances! 

9. Can I turn up without starting an application?

You can! If you haven’t begun an application, you’ll need to fill one out on the day in the queue. You’ll then head into an orientation alongside all of our other non-interviewed applicants so we can tell you more information about the programme. However if you have time, you should definitely begin an application beforehand as it’ll make you a lot more prepared which the camps love!

10. What happens if I don’t get placed?

If you aren’t having any success getting placed, don’t worry! We have a Help Zone at all of our fairs. This is a place for you to come take a break, chat with a member of our team about your application and get any advice you need.

The most important thing is DON’T WORRY! We have an online system where we place most of our applicants, so just because you didn’t get placed at the fair doesn’t mean you won’t get placed this summer.

If you... 

Haven't had an interview -  Now is a perfect chance to do so! We can interview you on the day, so head into our Help Zone and we can get your application moving forward.

Have had an interview – Now is the waiting game, but we promise it’s worth it! If you haven’t added a video yet, we really recommend doing this. Make sure to check your emails every day but don’t be disheartened as there is still SO much time to be placed, and the majority of our participants get placed around Jan-June.

11. What happens when I do get placed?

Congratulations on being placed! Once you’re placed, you’ll follow the signs to our processing room where we’ll process your placement. If you haven’t already paid your first payment of £35, you’ll need to do that on the day! Then, you head into our Placed room to grab a photo! After that, you’re free to leave and the next steps will be ready on your to-do list the following week.

12. Do I have to pay to attend?

You don’t have to pay anything to head to one of our Recruitment Fairs! If you haven’t yet paid your £35 deposit, you’ll need to pay this if you get placed on the day.

13. Can I bring Mum/Dad/puppy/ex partners cousins cat?

We don’t advise you bring any friends or family members with you. The fairs are extremely busy and there really isn’t enough room for anyone who isn’t trying to get placed at the fair. There’s local coffee shops in the cities where your friends and family can wait for you! Camp Directors also prefer seeing you walk around by yourself as it shows independence – remember you won’t be taking your parents to camp with you!

14. What time should I arrive?

Our fairs will get busy! If you want to be one of the first people into the fair, we HIGHLY recommend arriving a couple hours before it begins. Wrap up warm, bring a book and we’ll keep you entertained in the queue! The earlier the better – we promise you’ll be glad you did!

15. What should I bring with me?

The most important thing to bring is your wonderful self! But, if you do want to bring something else.. then your application form is the second most important! Print your application form out so you can show it to the director when you sit down with them. If you have any photos/videos of you participating in one of your skills, certificates or trophies then bring those too! Directors love to see proof of how amazing you are!

16. What are some tips when I have an interview with a camp director?

The most important thing to do is SELL YOURSELF! Don’t be afraid to tell them why you would be the best possible counsellor for their camp. If you’ve been queuing for a camp for a little while, make sure you bring your energy back as soon as you sit down with them! If you’ve researched the camp, tell the camp something you like about them – it’ll prove you’re passionate!

17. How long does it last?

Unfortunately we can never put an end time on our fairs as it completely depends on when the camps have finished hiring. It’ll go on for at least 4 hours, so we don’t recommend booking any travel home before this time.

Good luck at the fair! Don’t forget to let us know you’re coming by logging onto your application, heading over to ‘Notifications and Updates’ and clicking which fair you’ll be coming to. See you there!