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Rachel - Humans of Camp America


“I’m Rachel, and this summer I worked as a General Counsellor at Camp Happyland. After getting hired at the Salvation Army Fair in London, I had the most amazing summer, made lifelong friends and was able to impact the lives of so many children. Without the recruitment fair, my summer would not have been the same.

Before the fair, I did my research and created a listed of my camp preferences, this made it much easier to decide the camps I would consider on the day. Once inside, I was able to find a camp I thought would suit me and within a few minutes of talking to the camp director, I was hired!

My experience probably differs from a lot of other people’s, not everyone will be hired so quickly, but going can set you up for the summer of a lifetime! It’s an amazing opportunity to speak to people who love their camp and decide whether it’s the perfect fit for you; so if you can get to a fair, definitely go!!”