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Phil - Humans of Camp America (Brand Manager)


The friends you make at camp are lifelong friends! #CampFamily Our camp was based in New Jersey so on our days off we visited New York City.

So after camp, I travelled with a group of friends, we all wanted to travel the west coast of America. A good tip is to book flights, hostels and attraction tickets as early as possible to get the cheapest price...s and to have a good plan/itinerary that you can follow. We went to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and back to New York afterwards.

Travelling with a bunch of friends you make at camp was fun as you experienced most of your summer working with each other and looking out for each other. The friendship during and after camp is truly a strong bond.

I would recommend this programme to others because it is an amazing experience and provides you with good experience/skills to develop.

Phil - Elks Camp Moore (2016)