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Nicola - Humans of Camp America


Camp is a unique experience to each person; and my experience was incredible. My name is Nicola and I’ve been going to YMCA Camp Weaver in Greensboro North Carolina for five summers. I started off as a regular overnight counselor and worked my way to being the Pool coordinator, overnight director and LIT program coordinator."

"It is strange at first, but your friends at camp become your family; my best friends I met at camp and I also met my husband there too. I met my husband my first year at camp and we started dating my second summer. We got married last year at camp and had an amazing wedding where both our camp world and the real world collided. Camp is where I discovered myself and gained the confidence I never knew I needed. Camp helped me to put my life into perspective and find that I have a passion for working with children.

Nicola - YMCA Camp Weaver