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Niamh - Humans of Camp America (CA Staff)


I remember waking up at 5am feeling sick to my stomach with nerves/excitement on the day I was flying to camp. I am in the car on the way to Heathrow knowing I’m about to have the most incredible summer of my life! I had never met the two other girls I was going to camp with but as soon as we saw each other in the airport it was like we had known each other for years! Everyone was in their Camp America t-shirt, smiling from ear to ear and just raring to go. From that moment on I knew I made the best decision to apply for Camp America and that was only the start! We hadn’t even left the country yet. I spent the summer sailing boats, doing high ropes, singing songs morning noon and night and just having the most fun every single day. Not a day went by that I didn’t cry with laughter! For me, camp was the best time of my life and I would do it again and again! To anyone who is unsure about applying, please just take that risk! I know it’s scary thinking about spending the summer away half way across the world with complete strangers but believe me when I say, those strangers will soon become lifelong friends of yours and the people who hold all of your greatest memories!

Niamh - Camp Trefoil and Camp Comstock (2014)