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5 mind games to occupy boredom!


I'm going to Grandpa's house

At least one person knows the “answer” and starts off with “I’m going to Grandpa’s house and I’m bringing…” The first letter of whatever you’re bringing must be a G.

From then on, the first letter of every word must go in the order of GRANDPA. For example, Grapefruit, Rainbows, Alligators, Nothing, Diamonds, Pencils, Apricots.

After Grandpa is spelled, it repeats until everyone knows the “answer.” If someone gets it wrong, you still have to keep spelling GRANDPA the correct way. For example, the leader says “Grapefruit” and the next person says “Books” the next person who knows the answer would have to say something that begins with an R. It gets tricky when you have to keep count of what letter you’re on.

Green Glass Doors

Similar to Grandpa's house, this game requires at least one person (the leader) to know the answer and make the statement "i'm going through the green glass doors and I'm going to take a ____ but not a ___" , then challenge players to see if what they say they're taking through the doors, can or cannot go through. Anything with double letters can go through the doors, anything without cannot. 

Johnny Johnny Woo

Person in the know will hold up any hand and touch each finger starting with the pinky, saying Johnny Johnny Johnny Johnny Woo, Johnny Woo, Johnny Johnny Johnny Johnny. The woo is when the pointer touches the forefringer/index finger and slides down to the thumb. When finished, cross arms or join hands on lap. Then get rest of the players to try and do it, it's likely they will just focus on the Johnny Johnny Woo hand actions, and pay no attention to your crossed arms/hands. People have only successfully done it when they catch on that they have to cross arms/hands.

Umbrella Island

Leader starts by saying "i'm going to umbrella island and I'm going to take ummmm a (item)". Then ask others to say what they would take to umbrella island and let them know if they can or can't. Players that say "ummmm" before the thing they are bringing, are successful, those who just say the item are not. 

Magic Sticks

Find a few twigs, matches, pencils or whatever, and arrange them into a number on the ground or on a table. When you are done arranging them, rest your hand off to the side of them, with some distinct number of fingers displayed. Ask people "what's the number?". The number of course is however many fingers you have exposed, but they will be distracted analyzing the sticks. Shuffle the sticks, then put out a new number. Repeat until they catch on.

If you play these with your family or friends and/or take these to camp, tag us in your videos on social and we will re-post!

Do you know any more mind games? Let us know!