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Mel - Humans of Camp America


If you want to do something really adventurous, want a challenge and want to explore new things, and not forgetting if you enjoy working with kids.. this is the most amazing opportunity you will ever get and will never forget!

Yes I became very close to 3 counsellors at camp, we travelled to New York together, which was very good as originally I had no plans for after camp travel. I even stayed at one friends a few nights during my time at camp and after camp which was really fun, and allowed me to see over parts of the States such as Washington DC. We still speak now on a group chat named Beyoncé and all 4 of us plan to work at camp again next summer, which makes me very very excited. Another great thing is that 2 of my camp friends are from Australia so we will be defiantly meeting together there someday! 

Mel (Echo Hill Camp) 2015