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Megan - Humans of Camp America


DO IT! Whatever obstacle you think you have (because there will always be one), overcome it and get applying. Some people don’t do it because they’re scared, which we all are. It’s scary for anyone taking off for the summer not knowing what to expect. Some people don’t have the finances or the ability to take a summer off; but if it at all possible – make it happen. You never know what might come of it, who you might meet or where it could take you.

Be thankful. My camp is for underprivileged kids and after spending the summer with them, I realised I have more to be grateful for than I realised. I think sometimes we can get caught up in materialistic things and greed, but after camp my outlook completely changed. Some of the kids I work with have much less than I did at their age – but their outlook and enthusiasm about life put even mine to shame. They’re amazing and taught me a lot. I was basically in the middle of nowhere at my camp, with limited service and not much contact with home, but that was one of the best parts; being disconnected from everything.

Megan - Camp Heart O' Hills (2014-2015)