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Maddie - Humans of Camp America (CA Staff)


She was terrified of the water and would only dip her toes in at the very edge of the lake. She was only at camp for the week and each day I was able to get her in the water more and more. By the end of the week not only was she standing in the water, I was able to teach her how to swim to other side of dock. All the other campers, counsellors and lifeg...uards were clapping and cheering her on, she had the biggest smile on her face which in turn made me smile. Later on, she wrote a letter to her mum about learning to swim and how she was like a dolphin – it was the cutest thing!

This story has stayed with me ever since and I will always remember it as being my greatest achievement at camp. I always say to anyone who wants to do Camp America or my friends back home that you end up learning so much more about yourself than you even realise until the summer is over and you come back down to reality.

Hidden Lake has made me who I am today.

Maddie (Hidden Lake Camp - 2013)