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Lyam - Humans of Camp America


When I first applied to go to Camp America I had no idea what to expect. I had never been outside of Europe before let alone 3000 miles away. When I first got placed 3 years ago I couldn't imagine the journey I was about to go on, as a naive 18 year old I took the plunge and went to camp. Luckily I had already spoke to people from my camp before we arrived at the airport so I knew I wasn't the only newbie going to camp.

In my first summer I experienced a lot. I started to like American Football, got to know the kids and staff really well and I knew that as soon as I got home I wanted to go straight back (I was hooked).

I have met some amazing people and traveled to some amazing places during my time with Camp America, so i would say if you want to do Camp America then go for it.

It has taught me so much and i have grown up considerably since I started Camp in 2013. Now going into my fourth summer I am still full of the same optimism and excitement now after 3 summers than what I was when I was first hired.

Lyam - Golden Slipper Camp (2013-2016)