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Luke - Humans of Camp America


''I remember breaking up from my first ever long term relationship at 17 and wanted to do something new. Someone on my Facebook wrote on their timeline about this company called Camp America. When I first looked at the site I didn’t like the idea of working with kids as I am not hugely interested with looking after children. But then I saw the Campower programme and thought that was great for me, so I skipped out on a “Lads” holiday and spent all my 18th birthday money to make sure I went to camp that year.

I still have memories of camp all around my room, hoodies, staff t-shirts and my flask is still used. An Australian friend from camp was travelling around the UK two weeks ago and I was able to show him all around Cardiff and it felt really cool to be able to be there for him and that he would be there for me if I went to Queensland.

If I could say one thing to someone applying, it'd be to not have any expectations. Camp is different for everyone, and can't be explained - you just need to experience it yourself!''