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Lewis - Humans of Camp America


''When I applied for Camp America, I had no idea that I’d be placed at a Special Needs camp. When I was placed, I was so excited but super nervous (with not knowing what to expect). When I got there, I realised straight away how camp was so much better than what I was expecting. The days flew by and each day brought something new and exciting. I also didn’t expect camp to be so beautiful - from the camp fire, to the lake it was an experience I wouldn’t have ever dreamed of or expected.

I worked with a camper called Dylan, which was during “Blackhawk” week at camp Red Leaf. It’s where everyone that comes has epilepsy. Dylan was an incredible little boy, who brought a smile to my face every-day, whether it was searching for snakes or finding keys. He is my little buddy for life, and I’m truly excited to see him next year! He definitely kept me on my toes and kept me in check! 

To this day, camp stays with me in a lot of ways. One of the main ways camp stays with me is that it influences me massively in my day to day life. Working at a Special Needs camp, has made me feel so positive about life. Doing what to me was something so little, but to the campers was a massive thing really inspired me to bring out the best in life, and to be positive.

Camp Red Leaf in particular, has shaped my future, it has made me super excited to go back next summer but also, has helped me engage in parts of life I never thought I would. It’s given me great experience and skills that will stay with me for life. My ultimate goal in life is to be a Police Officer; working at a Special Needs camp has given me some skills that will really help shape my career.

I would 100% recommend this programme to others, Camp America has really helped change my life and helped me do something I never thought I would ever do. It’s literally a dream come true!''