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Leanne - Humans of Camp America


Time to say goodbye, time to leave the most wonderful place, the place I can now call home, the place where I made the most incredible memories and friends. Camp Timberlane, my home from home. It had always been my dream ever since I was younger to travel the USA, and Camp America helped me to complete this, not only did I get to travel after camp, I got to spend 7 weeks at Camp Timberlane, and couldn’t be more thankful. From the minute I arrive to the minute I left I enjoyed every second of it, it was a climb but I made it. Camp taught me some many awesome things I’ll never forget. All the songs everyone sang 100 times a day, all the friendship bracelets the campers made and you felt you had to wear them all and all the American words I didn’t know before. But the biggest thing camp taught me was to be myself and that I wouldn’t be judged whatever I did. Walking around for the day dressed as a mouse, running around acting like a camper myself being silly and singing all the annoying songs. However silly I was it didn’t matter at camp. Camp helps you to find yourself and become a better person, a person you thought you would never become. You grow and develop so much as a person, and you change in every good way possible. Camp is life. If you every have this opportunity to do this, do it please. I promise you will not regret it in anyway.


Camp Timberlane (2015-2016)