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Kayode - Humans of Camp America


Despite hearing “Watch me Whip! Watch me Nae Nae!” enough times to last me the next 5 years, we had an awesome group of staff. We had various personalities that really coincided well with each other. It was during Staff Orientation week I realised that I was in for an amazing summer and that I would have memories to last me a lifetime!"

The only sad thing was that once you got back to the UK, “real life” kicked in and everyone went back to their “normal lives”, so you don’t get to see each other us much, especially your newly made international friends. However, it is a good excuse to go and have a holiday in New Zealand sometime soon though!

Fortunately, I’ve gotten close to our Camp Videographer Matt here in the UK. We’ve banged heads together and thought about some exciting ideas we can do! They are being supported by various universities and The O2, so #WatchThisSpace! Without camp this wouldn’t have been possible, so I am extremely grateful to have gone and been able to build those relationships.

Kayode Camp Starlight (2015) and Hands In 4 Youth - Home of Vacamas Camps (2012)