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Junior Brown Humans of Camp America


The reason why I decided to do Camp America was because I really enjoy working with kids. It was also an easy way to travel and learn about new cultures around the world.

Camp really helped me with building my confidence. Never in a million years would I have led programs in front of hundreds of people or even speak in front of such a large crowd. It gave me a new outlook at life. Everyone at the camp were so friendly and full of smiles, I found this quite weird at first but as the days passed by I could see that it is just the camp spirit. At camp we had people from South Africa, England, Scotland, Mexico, Columbia and America obviously. I was quite nervous when I tried speaking to people who were from different countries because of our different backgrounds but once we started speaking it was like we just clicked. I built so many relationships with people from all over the world. Working at camp was truly incredible because of the calm nature and the phenomenal people I worked alongside. Working with the kids was a total different story. It was quite difficult at first because they only understood what I was saying 60% of the time, the other 40% of the time they would just stare at me. But once I figured out a way for them to understand me camp life got a whole lot better.  Trying to figure out the best things at camp is quite tricky because everything was just sensational. But if I really thing about it, the best thing at camp was seeing the amount of effort all my colleagues put in, to give the kids memorable moments at camp. For me that was truly amazing.


Three words I would use to describe camp would be; unbelievable, inspirational, and adventurous.

I did not travel after camp, I chose to stay and work longer at camp because I enjoyed it. I was super nervous going to work at a summer camp because it was my first time out of the country and I knew absolutely no one. But once I surpassed those nerves it was so much fun. I enjoyed telling my friends about my country and teaching them how to speak Afrikaans which is 1 of 12 official languages in my homeland. 

For anyone considering working at a summer camp I would strongly recommend it. It would help you learn about different cultures around the world as well as build relationships with the most amazing people ever.