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Jeppe - Humans of Camp America


My mom went to camp more than 25 years ago. She has been telling stories about her summer at camp since I was a kid.

The camp I worked at is a camp specialized in tutoring kids with dyslexia. The camp directors had one simple goal - every kid should be able to receive proper teaching and people with dyslexia learn in a different way. The passion they have for their mission is unbelievable and I admire them a lot.

As horrible it can be to say goodbye to the campers when the last day arrives, I always found it really rewarding. Saying goodbye to campers made you think of how much people at camp mean to you and seeing them sad just confirmed for me that I had made an impact on their summer. The absolute best moment is when I received letters from the campers after camp when I returned to Denmark.

Going to camp has been an amazing experience and I can’t imagine me being where I am today without it. Because of my two years at camp I have friends in many different countries. I have experienced another culture at first hand, I have had a chance to try a lot of challenging and different stuff that a lot of people in Denmark never gets a chance to! It is great, adventurous, and a rewarding experience!

Jeppe - Camp Spring Creek (2014/15)