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Ian - Humans of Camp America (CA Brand Manager)


There is so much to love about being a camp counsellor! Telling all your friends at home about your amazing summer, meeting new people and the list could go on. But the one that tops them all is having the ability to be an influence in the lives of the children you are working with. There is no greater feeling that a child who loves coming to camp because of you, or parents telling you how much they appreciate you and even though you may be from another country and only have known the child a short amount of time, they look up to you as a role model and they love spending time with you.

Despite having to be dunked in the pool, pushed in the mud pit, kept up all night when you camp out, these are the foundations of what being a counsellor is all about and are what makes the memories. Camp is for the Campers

Ian - Camp Sonshine (2014+)