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Humans of Camp America - Thanksgiving Special


Chris Roe: Camp Pontiac (2018)

''I'm thankful to Liam Jones today. He could answer any question and dispelled most of the fears that bothered all the newbies. He always looks out for people and will pick them up when they’re feeling down or point them to who best can help them if he can’t. Not to mention he was a lot of fun and makes any day a great day! Camp wouldn’t be the same without him.''

Kate Mason: Camp Wyomoco (2018)

''I am thankful for the sweet, kind and hilarious Johanna. We met at Camp Wyomoco this year, both working as counsellors and she welcomed me so lovingly into camp and made sure all the internationals had an amazing summer! I’m also thankful that I got to be her sister’s counsellor for the summer, we had some crazy times in that cabin! This summer I didn’t just come home with new friends I came home with two new American sisters, I talk to them everyday and am so so excited to be at camp next year with her sister being a junior counsellor! Thanks for being such a special family and for making my camp experience so you two so much.''

Saffyre Coutts: URJ Camp Harlam (2017/18)

''Katie was always the friendliest face around camp and never failed to make me laugh!''

Geoffery Gulzar: Camp Ladore (2017/18)

"I'm thankful for meeting Capt. Mike Davis at camp. I am thankful for Capt. Mike because he is a great person who gives great advice. Sadly he was not able to be at camp this summer due to him moving to Boston, Massachusetts, this gave me an excuse to go visit him on my travels after camp. My Favourite memory with Capt. Mike is going to watch his favourite baseball team (Boston Red Sox) play. Lastly I want to thank him for being my American dad and letting me spend spring break crashing at his in Philly when I was at University in America."

Lucy Miller: Trailblazers Camp (2017/18)

"I'm thankful for Kyarrah, Deiondra, Sinead, Kersten and Morven. I'm thankful for these girls for always being so encouraging and willing to listen, as well as being unbelievably grateful for all the laughs we had at camp, and have continued to have after camp. These girls made my summer especially amazing this year!"

George Radcliffe: New London 4-H Camp (2018)

"I’m thankful for Becca for being the first person I properly bonded with at camp (over our 500 piece puzzle). During our time at camp we learned and performed the official choreography to all 7 Sharpay songs from the High School Musical franchise which I don’t think many other people in this world would have done with me. She is kind, funny, generous and an all round beautiful person. The world needs more Beccas."

Charlie Ward: Camp Equinunk and Blue Ridge (2017/18)

"His name is Darrin Fowler. I wasn’t sure whether I should come back to camp because not many of my first year friends where. I met Darrin in the arrivals hotel as I was a bus counsellor but we didn’t get talking until a meal time I think.  Darrin and I did pretty much every together and anytime we had a freeplay post, we were there together. Same night off, we hung out and talk about the day. We created a thing called a “sharing ball” and we brought our friends into it aswell. If you had anything you wanted to get off your chest you just the sharing ball and that made summer funnier and caused me less stress. He was my best friend this summer and I’m gutted he won’t be returning." 

Steven Gee: Frenchwoods Festival of the Performing Arts (2018)

"I'm thankful for meeting Josh Corcoran, Jenny Satelle, Kathryn Hines. I met a great number of incredible people at camp, more than I could ever begin to list off, but these three kept me going strong throughout the Summer. These guys helped me get through the difficult times with work stresses and simply helped with keeping my mind straight on our days off and keeping each other company on our Off-Duty nights. My incredible experience at camp wouldn't have been the same if I hadn't met these three. All of this, and the amazing memories we now all hold dear, are the reasons that I'm incredibly thankful to have met these three people."

Elleesha Hannan: Independent Lake Camp (2018)

"G was my girl from day one, we started talking before we got to camp, met at the airport to fly together and then we were digi girls together and forever. Always looking out for me and always laughing with her. I don't know what I would've done this summer without G and the other Digi Girls, you lot mean the world to me! Love you Gurrs!"

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