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Jorge - Humans of Camp America


I’ve visited the states to see my camp friends a couple of times too - in December I’ll be flying out for my 6th visit to the states!

On a personal level, my experiences at camp have proven to be the most formative of my life and I’ve learned more about myself and my capabilities than I ever could in a classroom.

Camp America has had a profound impact on my life; it’s allowed me to experience US culture at its best, become friends with people from around the world and make memories which will last a lifetime.

At the center of it all though are the campers you work with. I honestly think that everyone should experience camp because it’s an extremely humbling experience knowing that you’re making an everlasting impact on a child’s life. Some of the campers have waited all year for another summer at camp and their experience largely depends on your role as a counsellor, so it’s incredibly rewarding to see them laughing and having fun because of your efforts.

Jorge - YMCA Camp Duncan (2013-15)