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Holly - Humans of Camp America


The Camp America Summer Camps brochure was something that somehow managed to reach my mums desk all the way back in 2010. My parents thinking it would be a great idea for when I was “a little bit older”, but I managed to convince them that this was an opportunity of a lifetime.

So age 14 I was off all the way out to a camp in California. Camp was an experience I will never forget because of the friends I made, the experience I had and of course because of the camp counselors. Camp is something that I would recommend any one to do from a young age; I most certainly felt it made me a more outgoing, independent and confident person.

It was the hard work of the incredible counselors that I had that I have to thank for helping me become the confident, outgoing and independent person I am today. They are just one of the reasons I wanted to go back out to camp as a counselor and make sure that someone had the same experience I had.

Holly went to Academy by the Sea/Camp Pacific as a camper in 2010-2011, and will be heading out to YMCA Camp Silver Beach as a counsellor this summer! #campchangeslives