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Heather - Humans of Camp America


I went to the Edinburgh Recruitment Fair in January 2015. I had already passed my Camp America interview so I got to skip the queue and go right in. I wandered around all the different stalls advertising the different camps and spoke to a few camp directors. I found the French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts stand, waited in line and had a quick interview with a camp director. They are a theatre and performing arts camp and after showing them my portfolio I was hired! I got a place as a Theatre Costume and Stage Make-up Counselor. I was thrilled!

They took my photo and I signed my contract and took it downstairs to the Camp America people to fill out some more paperwork. I would definitely recommend going to a Recruitment Fair as it gives you the opportunity to check out all the camps available and increases your chances of getting placed at a camp you really want to go to.”

Heather - French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts (2015)