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Gloria - Humans of Camp America


I did Camp America twice; summer 2011 and 2012. Everything started when I was studying in Norwich. I had heard of amazing experiences of Summer camps, but actually only Camp America accepted Spanish applicants when I decided to apply back home in Spain.

Camp definitely shaped my future as due to that experience, I am where I am today, working and living in London as part of the company Camp America belongs to. I now am who I am today: not afraid of travelling on my own, happy to know about other cultures and with thousands of wonderful experiences that will be with me forever. 

Nowadays, I am still in touch with my camp director via Facebook; she is an amazing person who supported me and helped me since I arrived at Camp and someone who I would love to see again one day. And of course, I am still in touch with my camp friends. We visit each other when we can and thanks to them I have visited countries such as Poland or Hungary. 

Gloria - Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck (2011/2012)