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Georgie - Humans of Camp America


Camp becomes home, and one of the best homes anyone could ask for. You spend 8 weeks wearing crumpled cabin smelling t-shirts and crocs, no make up, showering less often than you would like and getting covered in mud and other random mess daily. But despite all this you feel better than you have ever felt and you wouldn't wish to be anywhere else. Fellow staff members you have known for only a few weeks become your family, your support system and your best friends, and you wonder why you have spent this much of your life not knowing them.

You laugh, you scream, you cry; you probably experience every emotion ever in just 8 weeks. You will never again experience anything like camp tiredness but you will also never experiences anything as rewarding and fulfilling as making hundreds of kids smile and laugh and have the best summer of their lives, all because you made camp feel like their home too. Their safe place to be crazy and to have mud fights and to shout and sing and dance on the tables....that's the kind of place I am proud to call home."

Georgie Windham-Tolland 4-H Camp (2014+)