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George - Humans of Camp America (CA Staff)


I could not wait to jet off to the USA. However, inside I was nervous and quite apprehensive about what the next few months had in store for me.

After driving into the grounds of Camp CONNRI, meeting my amazing Camp Directors and getting to know everyone I would be working with, I was less anxious and could not wait for the first day of Camp. The first day of Camp is an unbelievable experience. Getting to see all the excited children arriving, making new friends and anticipating what adventures and activities the week(s) ahead may bring. It is a truly great moment. After that first day of meeting the campers and getting stuck into all the activities on offer (particularly Ga-Ga ball) my initial nerves and apprehensions had disappeared.

Being a General Counsellor for the Summer was fantastic. Every single day at Camp was full of energy, excitement and something new. I loved every minute of it. It was brilliant to get involved in with everything Camp had to offer be it Pirate week, the Carnival, Superhero week, Colour War, Campfire or any of the activities on offer.  I also learnt that as a Counsellor you have to go above and beyond - making sure you are there to help in any way possible so as to make sure every single Camper has a fun and happy Camp experience.

I enjoyed my time at Camp CONNRI so much so that I returned in 2014, again as a General Counsellor, and had an equally amazing Summer with equally great memories.

To look back and think that I was a part of such a special experience with such wonderful and magnificent memories and that from it I have made such great friends is pretty amazing. I will never forget my time at Camp CONNRI and will always look back and smile.

George - Camp CONNRI (2013-2014)