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"First week at camp!" by Freya Sedgwick


We’ve done some absolutely crazy stuff this week including making our division chants (standing on benches at dinner and screaming as loud as you can is a mandatory component!), learning how to plunge toilets and even learning how to do lice checks! even though these seem like funny things to be doing they are actually really crucial elements to camp life! After this week I’ve got to know some of the other counselors so well and its made me realise camp was definitely the right choice for me!

I’ve only been here about four days and i’m already starting to say things like trash and garbage. I don’t really know whats happening to me but this camp truly has become my home away from home in the short time I’ve been here (for those of you that don’t know that’s also our camp motto). its so nice to be away from technology as much as possible and breathe a breath of fresh air, something ill definitely be doing when i return back to the UK! For those of you that know me well enough you know I would have never said this a few weeks ago, but just turn your phone off Facebook is so not important!  I’ve met so many people from so many different countries and its so nice to experience different cultures even if its just comparing accents! I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week brings and I’m so excited to meet my camp girls this weekend (GO GOLAN, GO GO GOLAN!)

Bye for now!