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Evie - Humans of Camp America


Camp America has given me personally some of my best friends in this world. It is a great gift to be able to connect with people you would have never otherwise met. Meeting these friends has deeply changed the way I see human interaction and has even opened some new opportunities for me.

During my gap year I was able to spend a month with my best friend in England. We traveled around the country and to Paris and Scotland together. Our friendship is the direct result of camp. I will be returning to England next month to visit all of my amazing friends yet again. It is crazy to think that without Camp America I would have gone my whole life living half way around the globe from people that I share so much in common with and have grown to love deeply. My camp friends truly are my best friends…I just wish they didn’t live 4,000 miles away sometimes!

Evie - YMCA Camp Soles 2012-2015