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Emma - Humans of Camp America (CA Interviewer)


Summer 2013, I was placed at an all girls underprivileged camp in Huntington New York- North Shore Holiday House, at first when I saw my placement was at an all girls camp, I was a bit weary, I didn’t want it to be clicky or gossipy like girls can be. Oh was I wrong, I have not only made best friends, I have made sisters. NSHH was a small camp, with only 13 Counsellors, the majority being from UK, I also met girls from Poland, Spain, Germany, South Africa and of course America. Being a small close group, living out of each others pockets for the summer with a great group of counsellors is what made my summer experience, these girls became my family for the summer. I loved the camp, and the campers but its was these group of girls that made my Summer 2013. At camp there were ultimate highs and the lowest of low’s missing my family or even getting ill, but these girls were always there to cheer me up, dancing, singing, dressing up, making me laugh even buying my favourite American candy or treats to make me feel better.  In these past 3 years I have been on reunions all over England, Scotland and even Barcelona, we arrange at least 2 per year, which may seem like we have been apart for so long, but soon as we are back together its like we have never left. Being in a NSHH WhatsApp group, never fails I speak to these girls every single day (some times too much my phone wont stop buzzing ha-ha).  They really are the best friends I could ask for.

In 2014 and 2015 I went to a Co-ed Christian Camp called YMCA Camp of Maine, a whole new experience, with over 50 staff and a mix of genders, nationalities and ages again made my summer experience a summer to remember. Counsellors came from UK, Spain, France, NZ, OZ, Poland and all parts of America. I have friends all over the world, and this is one amazing thing about taking part in Camp America- I know if I flew to OZ tomorrow I could stay at one of my camp friends house no questions asked. Unfortunately, this summer I can’t go back to camp, however I fly to Boston for 1 week in June for a reunion with my American bestie and her family. Although Friendships started at camp may be separated by miles and months without seeing each other, these people are always in my heart.

Emma (North Shore Holiday House 2013, YMCA Camp of Maine 2014-2015)