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Emma - Humans of Camp America


I remember walking into the room at the London recruitment fair in 2014 to see a sea of people; it was pretty overwhelming at first but having already decided what kind of camp I wanted to go to, it was a case of just going for it and get chatting to the camp directors. I went around meeting several directors from different camps, and really enjoyed asking them questions about camp life!

I remember seeing a sign for YMCA Camp Kern saying they were looking for special needs counsellors. Having some previous experience I went over and ended up having a great conversation with the summer camp director. He told me all about Camp Kern, what my job would be like and offered me a place on the spot. To know that there and then I was heading off to work for the whole summer in Ohio was an amazing feeling and I left the centre that day feeling so elated.

The rest is history, and after two amazing summers at Camp Kern, working with amazing children, meeting friends for life, I can honestly say my experience at camp has changed my life!"

Emma got placed at one of our Recruitment Fairs and you can too!

Emma - YMCA Camp Kern Special Needs Director (2014/2015)