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#DollyPartonChallenge How Camp America is Perfect for ALL Your Social Media!



Linkedin is a social networking site designed for the business community. It allows people to network, obtain resources and support and build relationships with potential customers, clients, and partners. By participating in camp America you gain multiple skills in; leadership, communication, time management, group work, independence, initiative and so many more.  You’d be surprised how many camp stories relate to questions in any job interview. You may see all the pictures and videos, that make you think Camp America is just nine straight weeks of fun, but it is so much more. Whether you go and work in your prospective career choice, i.e. videography, and gain experience in your field; or just as a general counsellor, the skills relatable to the ‘real world’ are endless.


Facebook is primarily used these days to keep up with family members and friends, they haven’t seen in years. Mainly used by the older generation, i.e. your mum, it’s the perfect way to keep people back home in the loop with your life and summer camp experience. It’s also guaranteed that they will repost all your amazing experiences and photos of camp. This will probably include a lengthy paragraph telling the world about their son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandson, granddaughter and how proud they are of everything you are doing, while wishing they were your age once again. Nothing wrong with a cheeky shout out now and then


Instagram is more than likely where you keep up with all your friends and is one of the most used social media platforms today. The main aim of Instagram is to stunt and make everyone who follows you/comes across you post extremely salty right?? Participating in Camp America is your way of doing exactly that. You are ensured hundreds of photo opportunities that will make your followers wish they were experiencing the summer you are. Camp America is a way of gathering photos that are worth sharing! 


AND last but not least Tinder! The land of thirst traps! You’re probably thinking, ‘Tinder? No way!’ Participating in Camp America can get you out in real life meeting the right kind of people! People that travel love to meet people that travel. Your new photos from your time in America can get you the perfect profile! You can encounter people that have things in common with you, giving you something to talk about instantly! Your first message is bound to me something more interesting then HEY!