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Day in the life: Salvation Army camp Part 2


Some Christian camps also have a special day on camp called LORD'S DAY. This is slightly different from a normal camp day, it's a makeshift church day.

8:30am - The day starts a little later with breakfast, a whole extra THIRTY mins in bed!

10:00am - Instead of JAM we have Camp Worship. Which is like a camp church. Amazing atmosphere and such an encouraging time.

11:00am - Rotations are replaced with sideline soccer. Which is a camp wide activity. You're split into two again as in JAM but on opposite sides of the field. A ball is placed in the middle and the referee will call out a category such as "If you're an international ... go out and play!". In that case only internationals can go and play to score for their team. OH, and everyone is dressed as whacky as possible, the limit does not exist here for how wacky and wild you can dress.

1:30pm - Camper choice time is switched with all camp swim and carnival! All camp swim is as it sounds, the whole camp is down at the waterfront for a swim (how lush does this sound)! 

3:30pm - Then carnival is just as awesome as it seems. There is a variety of carnival (or sports day style) games set up around camp for the campers where they can earn tickets. Tickets = prizes from the prize centre, the more tickets you have the more prizes you win. The games range from hook the horseshoe to giant darts. But there's also some fun non ticket winning games such as soak the counselors (another camp favourite, depending on the counselors being soaked).

7:15pm - Evening programme also looks slightly different as it takes the form of "Jesus Theatre". Jesus theatre is a theatrical performance based on the Bible and is a creative presentation of the Gospel (the life of Jesus) using music, drama, dance, choreo-drama, and spoken word.