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Dan - Humans of Camp America (Brand Manager)


I have a fantastic summer but was ready for a new challenge the following year. After going through the same application process and eagerly awaiting camps to contact myself, I was invited to a Skype interview for an underprivileged camp in New York. After researching the camp online, I found it was so similar to my previ...ous camp that I thanked the director and decline the interview. But I was so wrong.

The director persuaded me to still do and interview and from this my eyes were widely opened and my 2-year adventure at Camp Morty had begun. I was now a member of the Morty family, a team of highly skilled individuals from across, America, Europe and Australia. This family shows high levels of love and care for some highly underprivileged children in the local area and the effects of camp Morty lasts a lifetime.

Camp America has helped me build some of the strongest and fantastic friendships I could imagine and encouraged me to step firmly out of my courage zone and develop as a person to see the bigger picture in life. I now feel a more accomplished individual knowing I have helped some children of the most as risk children in America help to have normal and amazing summers.

Dan - Camp Morty (2015-2016)