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Chiron - Humans of Camp America


I wanted to do something different, something that would truly give me a life changing opportunity that would stay with me forever. A lads holiday in Magaluf, a weekend festival, working in the same repetitive 9-5 job and laying around the house wasn’t the summer I had in mind after my A-level exams. I wanted an adventure, an experience that would truly test me in so many different ways, while at the same time having the most amazing time abroad, getting accustomed to a new culture, making loads of new friends from all over the world and travelling this great country that has shaped so many parts of my childhood.

I knew that the Camp America experience would provide me with so many skills and attributes which other experiences could not in such a short period of time. These include; independence, organisation, leadership, confidence, teamwork, communication and a greater understanding of how to work with people in a vast amount of situations that you only experience at a summer camp. Applying to Camp America was the best decision I have made in my life and I am truly grateful for it making me the person I am today.

Chiron - Camp Lakota (2014/2015)