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"Making the difference" by the Camp America Team


At camp, it doesn’t matter where you come from. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor. It doesn’t matter who your parents are or what type of house you live in.

At camp, nobody cares what grades you got in school; whether you were the one who always raised your hand or the one who never did. It doesn’t make a difference whether you were Prom King or Queen, Head Boy or Girl, or neither. 

At camp, it doesn’t make a difference how many people retweet your tweet, how many likes you get on an Instagram post or how many people watch your Snapchat story. 

Camp doesn’t care about any of that. Camp cares about the person who walks into camp and makes a difference to the lives of so many children. Camp cares about the person who will spend their summer being a role model and an inspiration. 

At camp, you can be yourself without hesitation. You can be yourself without being judged. But most importantly – you can be yourself and make a difference. 

At camp, everyone is equal. 

You will not be judged. 

You will belong.

You will grow, you will develop, and you will change in the best way possible. 

Camp is where you find the best version of yourself. It’s where the energetic become the driving force, the too much become the just right, and the ordinary become the extraordinary. 

Camp is where the shy, timid and kind step outside of their comfort zone, find the magic and become an inspiration.

Camp is where the Sunday league players become the sports icons, the shower singers become the great performers, and the bedroom guitarists become the superstars.

Camp will make you a superhero. 

And at the end of the summer, once you get off the plane, hang up your cape and return to the real world – you will have changed for the better. Because to those kids, during that summer, you were a superhero. 

Camp is for everyone. 

Camp is now.

Camp is you.

By The Camp America Team