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Camp America's taste of the USA!


If you do want to indulge in all things burgers, hot dogs and fries, our best recommendation is to visit local diners to have the classic American experience (sorry, they’re not on roller-skates), or go for the drive up experiences in places such as Sonic and Swensons (Ohio based). Although, we do also recommend going all original and taking a trip to McDonalds - the size difference is wild! Oh, and don’t forget In-N-Out or Cookout…ok, we admit it, there’s a lot of good places!!

Ok, as promised, moving on…

Philly cheesesteak

Now, you need to actually go to Philly to experience this in it’s truest form but we promise it’s worth the trip! Personal favourites are Johns, Geno’s or Jim’s…top guys, with top tier cheesesteaks. Oh, if we could share the smell you get as you walk towards one of those eateries, we would!

Sloppy Joes

Fair to say, it doesn’t sound the most appetising, nor does it look it, but it’s definitely worth the try and many will probably serve it at camp, so you won’t have to go out of your way to experience it! It’s literally just seasoned beef or pork, within a sauce, smacked between a burger bun - simple but splendid.

All the cheese

Whether alongside its mate ‘Mac’ or grilled between two pieces of bread, America knows how to provide gooey, cheesy delights! You can get both Mac n cheese or Grilled Cheese on the majority of restaurant menus and it’s definitely a must order. We promise it’s like a cheese toastie but 1000x better!!

Pancake house

You can’t go wrong with a trip to any or America’s iconic pancake house; IHOP, Denny’s, Waffle House or any local, smaller house. Different to ours, American pancakes are little fluffy stacked circles of joy that you can enjoy with whatever your heart desires; syrup, bacon, cream, chocolate chips, fruit, and most restaurants serve them up with the full works on the side such as eggs, sausage and shredded hash browns. Start your days off right, the classic American way!

Key Lime Pie

Unfortunately, this means a long trip down to the Florida Keys for this (well for the best slice you’d ever get your hands on), but then again, it’s not unfortunate as it’s certainly a bucket list road trip, with a slice of heaven at the end! 


Their milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard...well, they certainly bring us! You can quite literally get your hands on a shake wherever you go, and it won’t let you down! Personally, avoid having one with a large meal (to enjoy it in all its glory) but definitely expand your taste buds with some incredible shake flavours!! Steak N Shake is a good first stop!


You think you love ice-cream, wait until you get to the US! Gone are the days of simple vanilla, chocolate or strawberry, here you can get giant scoops of flavours such as superman, birthday cake, moose tracks, buttered pecan, cookies n creme…the list truly does go on! We recommend going to local parlours or chains such as Coldstone - here you can get the ultimate ice cream experience by making your own creation with your favourite flavours and toppings, all mixed together (which is so cool to watch) fresh to order! To be honest, even their ice cream section of the supermarket is 1000x better than ours, so be sure to stock up for the staff cabin at camp!!

Frozen custard

The creamy experience doesn’t end there. Even if you don’t like custard, try it in frozen form - you may be surprised! Just like ice-cream, they do all the flavours you could ever imagine and can mix it like a McFlurry, form a sundae or have it single served - all the options! Your new American friends will know the best places to get your hands on some so be sure to use their knowledge wisely!

Fro-Yo (Frozen Yoghurt)

Yup, we’re still talking all things sweet and similar to ice cream. Again, you’re probably thinking you can’t get much variety out of frozen yoghurt, surely?! Well, take a trip to shops such as Yogurtland, Pinkberry or Menchies and see for yourself. Oh, but one piece of advice…try not to get carried away with all the flavours and toppings, unless you want to be charged an arm and a leg!

Happy eating!