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Camp America Bucket List


So your countdown to camp is on...

You’ve raided all the shops to find the best camp gear and now you’re ready to go. There are just a few more things to get thinking about... your bucket list! Well, we’re here to help you out with that! Whether it’s a new food you’ve decided to try this summer, or you’re planning on visiting a particular state – we’ve got it covered!

Here are some ideas from the Camp America team that we believe YOU should tick off in order to have the summer of your LIFE!

  1. Get to know the US staff!
    We understand that it can be a culture shock when you arrive at camp, and you’ll most likely find an instant connection (which is great!) with all of the international staff, as you talk about how much you already miss vegemite and dairy milk. However, don’t forget to get to know all the US staff! A lot of the US staff would have been campers themselves, so you’ll get a real insight into camp life before it all begins. On top of that, you’ll make some epic friends that will give you a reason to return to the US year after year to visit them! The locals are a great opportunity to get to know the area around your camp, and find all the secret hot spots.
  2. Try a new activity!
    If camp isn’t the perfect place to try a new activity, we don’t know where is! Camp is full of endless activities such as water-skiing, zip lining, and even a trapeze! Whether you’ll be trying out these activities in staff training, or participating in them along with your campers, we recommend trying as many as you can! Don’t forget to get your fellow counsellors to take a photo of you too, so you can make all your friends back at home jealous! #smugmug
  3. Step outside your comfort zone!
    Camp is all about embracing the fear of the unknown. Stepping outside your comfort zone isn’t always about huge decisions. It could be trying some new food for the first time, or perhaps getting all our counsellors together and teaching them a new camp game! The role of a counsellor is a challenging and rewarding job where, if you push yourself to be the best that you can be, the rewards will impact you forever! Whether you get to the top of the climbing wall or you only manage to get your helmet and harness on; the most important thing is that you tried in the first place. Remember: if you embrace new experiences – your campers will follow you!
  4. Try American Food!
    If you haven’t been to America before, you’ll have seen their epic food in the movies. American food is awesome, so we recommend you make the most of EVERY meal! Try new food that your fellow US staff recommend, visit all the best restaurants and don’t forget to send us a photo of you enjoying it – because we know you will!

  5. Get a photo by the lake!
    If your camp has a lake, get as many photos as possible! The lake at camp is always beautiful, and whether you grab a photo at sunset, sunrise, or when your kids are all jumping on the giant trampoline, you’ll definitely look back at those photos in years to come and all the amazing memories will come flooding back!

  6. Perform in a camp skit!
    It might be daunting to get involved with the singing and dancing at campfires, but we promise you – you’ll have the most fun if you throw yourself into as much as possible! Camp skits are short funny sketches guaranteed the make the kids laugh. Don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself – dress up, act silly, because as soon as you do, your campers will absolutely love it and be asking if you can be their counsellor again next summer.